Saturday, September 17, 2016

Technology Gift: fresh Linux Mint installation

Technology gift for yourself or a loved one: have an old laptop/desktop computer refurbished by an Open Source Software expert that will install Linux Mint on the hardware, offering a choice of keeping the Windows software as a dual boot operating system, or making the unit a sole Mint installation.

A quick review of the applications available via Mint shows that it runs non-proprietary versions of major (Microsoft/costly) applications:
  • Firefox, Chrome and Opera browsers (instead of Internet Explorer)
  • Libre Office (Writer, Calc, Impress, Dia, Base & Math) instead of MS Office
  • Thunderbird (email) instead of Outlook
  • GIMP (graphics) instead of Photoshop, Paint or Corel)
  • Scribus (desktop publishing) instead of Framemaker
  • VLC, MPlayer, Miro (media players) instead of Windows Media Player
  • Avidemux (video editor) instead of Final Cut Pro
  • KompoZer (WYSIWYG HTML and CSS editor) instead of Dreamweaver
  • ClamWin (virus scanning and definition) instead of McAfee
  • Clonezilla (disaster recovery, disk cloning and deployment) instead of N.Ghost
  • Amarok & Nightingale (music player & manager) instead of iTunes

Other Linux Operating Systems available for installation:
  • Elementary OS
  • Zorian OS
  • UberStudent OS
  • KaOS
  • Antix OS
  • Bohdi OS
  • PepperMint OS
  • Manjaro OS
  • Centos OS
  • Blu OS
  • Fedora OS
  • OpenSUSE OS
  • Debian OS
  • Lubuntu OS

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